Focus Screens

I've been doing some bits and pieces for Football Focus over the last few weeks. These are mainly designs for the plasma screens on set, developed from the branding we did in 2012. I've been trying to find ways of separating the graphic style on Focus from that on Match of the Day 2, especially in terms of how the team badges and player images are used. The revolutionary idea here was to find a way to use the badges without any effects or styling at all. The whole time I have been working at BBC Sport I don't think I have ever done that before.



Quentin Blake style drawings for Mertesacker piece on Football Focus last weekend


Wenger in Numbers

I've been working on a big project for the multimedia team this week. The final animation is on the BBC Sport site here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/26673882


Brian O'Driscoll cartoon for the Six Nations last weekend.



In the style of football. (see below)


Tests and Experiments

Bits and pieces of things I've been playing around with in Illustrator

Football Drawings

I've been doing some research into football typography, partly inspired by reviews of this book by Rick Banks. 


In particular I've been looking at the use of stripes and outlines, found a lot on the numbers and fonts on the back of team shirts. These experiments were taken from images found on the switch image project.



Sochi 2014

Here is some of the work that I was involved in for the Winter Olympics.

Winter Olympics Guides
Graphics for guides to the games. Produced by Michael Burke

Sochi Maps
I raided my maps collection and found these old soviet maps, published around about 1960. Some of them feature Sochi as it was then, and were used as reference for a piece by Sarah Cook. Original maps, artwork and final designs below.


World Rugby Museum

I went on a trip to the World Rugby Museum and archives in Twickenham.
The stadium itself was really impressive, I've never been there before.

Identity by hat-trick design
A close up of The Line Out sculpture by Gerald Laing, 2010 (above) and
The Four Twickenham Players, from 1995 (below). It seems interesting that like
William Barnes Wollen, Laing also has a series of war paintings.

One of the most interesting things in the archives was the range, and use of illustration over the last 100 years. A bigger collection of this material has been uploaded onto Pinterest here.