Rugby League Titles

This post was written in May 2013

I spent two weeks last month working on new titles for the rugby league, initially for the Challenge Cup that's on air at the moment.

The idea came from a Paul Bush film using archive footage to tell the story of rugby on the BBC. I had been thinking a lot about the graphical language of rugby after working on the autumn internationals last year. And about how it may be possible to push the ideas forward visually in a way that feels comfortable for the audience (who after some research proved to be much older than expected). The idea of using cigarette cards is something I've been thinking about since visiting the Wolves museum earlier in the year.

The project was made with Mark Woodward, from such hits as Le Crunch and the Match of the Day 2 boxing posters. Below are some of the visuals, from the pitch and development work as well as the final piece. Once I get a copy of the final titles I'll upload the movie onto Vimeo.

Photo from the Wolves museum